PF/ESIC Returns Filing

PF/ESIC Returns Filing

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PF/ESIC Returns Filing

Provident Fund (PF) software makes it easy to meet all your Provident Fund (PF) requirement right from setting up of master information to filing of returns online.

  1. Generates Electronic Challan Cum Receipt (ECR) file, which can be uploaded on employer portal.
  2. Option to make a employee elgible for PF or not.
  3. Set PF Salary limit at employee level.

e-filing system enables you to comply with ESI rules and regulations with no extra efforts.

  1. Generates Monthly contribution file for online upload.
  2. Newly added IPs file for adding IPs in bulk online.
  3. Mark employees whether eligble for ESI or not.
  4. Automatically considers an employee for ESI deduction for a ESI Period even if employees crosses the ESI Salary limit.
  5. Option to consider a salary Head for ESI Calculation or not


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