Paytm CEO & founder Mr.V.S.Sharma conferred with the Most Emerging Startup Award

Paytm CEO & founder Mr.V.S.Sharma conferred with the Most Emerging Startup Award


After getting selected in the top 35 Emerging startups of India a few months ago, got the Emerging Startup Award again.This award was given by Mr.Vijay Shekhar Sharma(The CEO & Founder of Paytm) in a program organized by the Jabalpur Chambers of Commerce in which Hon'ble Mayor Mrs.Swati Godbole, Rajya Sabha MP Mr.V.K.Tankha and Honorable Members of Chambers of Commerce were present. This award was given to for its good performance and contribution in the field of Financial and Professional Services; in the presence of huge public and professional personalities of Jabalpur, which is not only a matter of great pride for the Jabalpur city; but also for the M.P. state and the country as well. Photo Moment: Team Munshijee honored by the emerging startup award by Paytm CEO Mr.V.S. Sharma.

What Paytm founder Mr.Sharma said to Entrepreneurs of Jabalpur?

In this startup motivational program at Shahid Smarak Hall, Jabalpur; The Founder and CEO of Paytm Mr.V.S.Sharma discussed a lot about his professional and personal experiences of his inspirational struggle time. He also discussed how he started his entrepreneurial career through many difficulties and how he established the Paytm through his creative ideas. He also motivated to the young entrepreneurs of Jabalpur through his speech and said; "Success always need a great purpose and a purpose needs a focused mindset. Once you create the mindset, apply moonshot and go to the stars."


Mr.Sharma also talked with Mr. Gyanendra Singh and Neeraj Nagar (Co-founder of about the business model of and its future. Paytm CEO then also discussed with Mr.Singh about the GST bill, its application, advantages, and business opportunity of After that Munshijee's founder; Mr.Gyanendra Singh gave a brief information about the services and business model of; to all the respected members of Jabalpur chambers of commerce in the presence of chief guests and to the huge audience of Jabalpur at the Shahid Smarak hall. He spoke about; how he had got the idea to establish a platform for all entrepreneurs; those who need the professional and financial services in an easy and honest way which also available nearby them.

So basically, what is the"" and what this company does? is not a new name in the fast-emerging startup community of India; as it is creating a deep impression in the field of financial and professional service market; through its quality services and customer support system. This features of Munshijee enable a normal or farthest person to have the advantages of its financial and professional services easily; through online or offline both the platforms. is not only the emerging startup company of India but it is a great team of associated CA, CS, and Advocates; who provide the best online services related to legal and financial works (like taxation, company registration, payroll, accounting ). Also provide the best consulting services nearby the customer, which helps to save their time and cost parallelly. Assurance of Quality service, Trust & Customer Support

Team munshijee committed to their precious customers to serve them quality services; through the online platform of digital technology in a professional business environment. Furthermore; Also, they always want to reach to all those through the physical centers nearby their places; to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with the assurance of best results. As team Munshijee always believe; that the awards are the initial motivational achievement for hard work of the team. The team munshijee will continue this journey of success; through great work achievements with quality and customer loyalty in our services.

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