Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic Financial Planning

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Holistic Financial Planning

Nowadays, everybody wants financial freedom but when, where and how tough to know. Its all about how much you wanted to save, which will help you when you stop working for making money. This planning will also help you make your financial status even after your retirement.
To achieve your freedom, we recommended goal-based approach. Via holistic financial analyses we are giving a way to achieve your valuable DREAMS.
For example, Your dream/goal could be :

  • International holiday: 3 years later: Rs.5 lakhs*
  • Child’s education: 10 years later: Rs.25 lakhs*
  • Retirement: 15 years later: Rs.2.5 Cr*
    *Value at the time of the goal

Based on your goal, we create financial planning strategy for you. Its all depends on priority and your investment capacity. The key is asset allocation. The asset allocation for each of these goals will be different as the period for each is different, the flexibility of each one also varies. For example, an international vacation could be postponed, but the education goal cannot be. This approach ensures that your eye is always on the goal that you are aiming for. Your discipline improves when you invest for a purpose. You invest more seriously and also the temptation to withdraw is much lesser.

The holistic financial approach is making of complete FINANCIAL KUNDALI for any individual or family. It is a financial roadmap for his/her/them. It is definitely something that we could follow to help you to achieve financial freedom.

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