Private Limited

Private Limited

It is Most Suitable Company registration for startups and growing business; those who are looking for funding.

Start your own company only in

4999/- Now

*Govt fees on actual!!

Know more details:

Why Private Limited Company?

  • If you are startup and looking for funding .
  • If You wanted to offer stock options to your best employees .
  • If your business is in growing stage which needs multiple resources of investments.

About Private Limited Company :

  • A private limited company must have at least two directors and shareholders, and can have a maximum of 15 directors and 200 shareholders.
  • If you are a single shareholder, you can also bring in your spouse, parents or any relative to be part of the limited company with just one single share.

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Registration Process

  1. Munshijee provide seamless and hassle free registration process .
  2. Because It is throughout Online Process so you would not need to be physically present at all.
  3. If your document set is complete, we mostly take less than 15 days for company formation.

Steps Involved in Registration Process

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Document Required for Registration

ID Proof


  • PAN Card

Any one of these

  • Aadhar Card
  • Votar ID
  • Driving License
  • Passport

Address Proof


  • Bank Statement
  • Electricity/ Gas bill or Phone/ Mobile bill

Passport Size Photo


  • Passport Size Photo

Registered Office


  • NOC from the Owner
  • Utility Bills with

Any one of these

  • Rent Agreement
  • House Tax Receipt
  • Proof of Registry

What will you get in this Package?


Defines the rules that govern the company


Digital signature to file taxes etc. for the company

Company PAN Card

PAN Number of the company

Tan Number

Tax Deduction Number

Mandatory Documents Needed For GST Registration

  1. Company / Proprietor Documents: Address Proof, Bank Details etc.
  2. Director / Owner Documents: PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, ID Proof etc.
  3. Registered Office Documents: Office Address Proof, Electricity bills etc.


Why is Private Limited Company the best choice for Start-ups?

Private Limited Company is best option for startup due to following reason:

  1. It allows easily access to the investor through participation in the equity of the company as per their investment.
  2. Bifercation of owner and management team is very easy & feasible.
  3. Valuation perameter are easily ser for Private Limited Company.
If you are living in a different state, can you still registered your company through Munshijee?

Yes, Because new company registration is a fully online process , you only have to filed your all documents electronically from any place across the Globe.

What will it cost to create/incorporate a private Limited Company ?
You can create / incorporate you own Private Limited Company by paying the service charge of Munshijee 4999/- only + Gov. fees on actual with tax and you will get a whole package of services with this payment.
Who can Incorporate Private Limited Company ?

Any individual/organization can become a member of a private limited company including NRI/foreigners. Nonetheless, the individual must be 18+ above in terms of age and should hold a valid PAN card.

How can a Private Limited Company get investment?
A Private Limited Company has the benefits of getting investment easily which can possible through following methods :
  1. Through Allotment of shares
  2. Foreign Direct Investment
  3. Convertible Debentures

Compare and Select

Suitable for

Ease of accomodating Investment

Tax Benefits

Perpetual Existance

Statutory Compliance

Private Limited Company

Startups and growig companies

Very easy

Few benefits



Limited Liability Partnership

Professional services firms

Possible, but unlikely

Most efficient



One Person Company

Sole Promoters

Possible, but serverely unlikely

Few benefits



Partnership Firm

Home businesses

Almost impossible






Small traders and manufacturers





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