Adding a Director

Adding a Director

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Adding a Director

The process of appointing a company director is a technical process in which due diligence is always required. The board of directors of the company first decide to whom they have to appoint as an additional director then the members/ shareholders in their meeting will decide to confirm the said appointment or to deny the appointment.

# Company name.
# Company registration number (CRN).
# Date of appointment.
# Title, full forename(s) and surname, including any former name(s).
# Date of birth.
# Residential address.
# Service address.
# Occupation.
# Nationality.

If you wish to appoint a corporate director, the company must have at least one other director who is natural person. The following details must be submitted on form AP02:

# Company name.
# Company registration number.
# Date of appointment.
# Registered name and number of corporate director.
# Registered office or principal address of corporate director.
# Registration place of corporate director.

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